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Reality Riffing With Guru Jagat

Now today this portal is being opened again My rabbit hole of late has been the concept that most of us are generally ruled by our unconscious mind and ego-like beliefs. We can also clear patterns that were and are a result of our parents I first met the lovely Giangeet Kaur at the Rama Institute a few years ago and recently we were partners for a day of tantric yoga. White Tantric Yoga is an ancient group meditative practice that works on clearing out the deepest corridors of the subconscious mind. When Harmanjot Kaur last visited Casa Rosa we explored beautiful meditations on creating heart expansion with certain kriyas.

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Now she is sharing with us a lovely solid perfume using heart opening oils of rose and geranium. I felt this could be a lovely gift to make to celebrate a mama in your life, or to honor As many of you who have been following The Local Rose know, I have been an avid Kundalini student for many years now.

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Reality Riffing With Guru Jagat

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